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Debunking · Orientalism

Comments from PBS viewers

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Another Iraqi documentary that paints the soldiers as heroes and Muslims as evil, bad guys. Why don't they ever mention that the people being murdered are also Muslims. It's like they only show the 'Insurgents' as people that pray and read Qur'an. The only time they do mention Muslims being murdered is while they're mocking us "But they're killing their own people!"


...recent events in Iraq, as I know them, seem to be an impossible position for Americans to come out on top of. The "cartoon" incident and the carnage involved with the bombing of the Golden mosque are the latest incidents that make me believe that we cannot win unless we get full support from the world wide Muslim community.

Second, it seems to me that the hatred that these people have for America makes us the scapegoats for all that goes on in the region that they don't like. America did not produce the cartoons but they are being blamed partially now, but probably fully later on. American forces go to great lengths not to damage mosques but we will eventually be blamed for these events also. If Iraq falls into civil war, America will be blamed for that too.

I feel that in 100 years, this history will reflect that this is a religious war in spite of the denial of the Bush administration about this. The enemy certainly believes this now.

Now what should we do? I feel that the Islamic faith should be asked to take on this problem and that it should be put squarely on their shoulders. I have my doubts that this conflict can result in nothing other than the annihilation of democracy if we don't get support from the Islamic religion. There are simply too many of them.

Or it could turn out that this war will turn into the Islamic faith against anyone who is not Islamic. All religions everywhere should take it upon themselves to denounce extremist groups who do violent acts in the name of Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, Buddha, Joshua Smith, or any other religious leader. We should face the fact that this is another war between the religions and perhaps it should be fought this way.

Bruce Patterson
Tulsa, Olkahoma"

This guy made some interesting points on why he didn't like the documentary:
"I enjoy your informative programs, and enjoyed this one on the insurgency, but I have one 'bone to pick.' You let the U.S, forces off a little too easily. I am sure the individual members of the military as whole are making every and heroic effort to minimize their effect on the civilians, but the effect of military actions - whether in policy or 'collateral damge' - on the civilans cannot be overlooked or separated from the event of the insurgency. There was scant commentary on this. For example, you did make a brief remark on the number of refugess in Fallujah, but did not discuss the effect of that, nor show their condition at any depth. A note was made when showing forces entering a house looking for insurgents when the commentator did remark that such searches can produce hostility, but nothing more than a note, and quickly noted that the search yielded bomb devices (casting an arua of necessity and success over the operations and policy). 
......But, one, there is evidence to suggest that the there is a policy of a 'show of force' toward the civilians, particularly the trouble areas, and including but going beyond the searches. The force is not just to catch specific insurgents, but to make the population as a whole pay for 'supporting' them, and undergird the image of the strength of the U.S, army (after all, so the logic goes, these tribal Muslims only understand and respect force)."
And more propaganda:

I believe that we should be in Iraq. We may have went in for questionable reasons, but by placing a Democratic government in Iraq I think that we can save the people and help rebuild the country. The government before was a dictatorship, with a leader that abused the human rights of his people, and they were bound to a life of terror. With Democracy, freedom can become reality, and people can live without looking over their shoulders."
Oh and here's a REAL winner! And he's shaking in his knees to even post this comment. What a loser. If anything it's WE, Muslims, who should be afraid. We're the minority here. Everyday we have to watch our backs, not go out in public much, remain silent on issues for fear of being called a terrorist..


There are so many things to say about your excellent documentary. But just to pick out one - meant with a spirit of tolerance, respect, and love to all our Muslim brothers and sisters - and not to neglect holding ALL other groups equally to task (including those killing in the name of "national interest"):

I beseech all our peaceloving Muslim friends in the world to create a visible and public movement challenging the type of Islamic extremists depicted in the film who appear so deeply committed to war, violence, brutality, and killing in the name of any religion.

I admit great fear in even saying this publicly, but isn't that even more reason why it needs to be said?

Andrew Kaye"

I like these comments:


What a sickening and racist bit of feel good propaganda for US consumption. Tens of thousands of innocent Sunni and Shia citizens murdered by the US military's campaign of terror completely ignored. Even a pretext of journalistic impartiality seems to have escaped the producers of this program.

And to think that a program like this is the far left of US political discourse.

Los Angeles, CA"



Only an American filmmaker could have portrayed the American military as the 'nice guys' as you have done in your Leni Riefenstahl-like propaganda. In reality the thuggish American military is engaged in an ongoing war crime in Iraq as defined by the innocent 12,000 imprisoned Iraqis, by the indiscriminate airwar, by the rape, torture, and murder of Abu Gharaib, and by the daily murder of innocent Iraqis at the numerous American military checkpoints. Iraqis overwhelmingly want the murderous, racist Americans to leave their country immediately yet you fail to report this basic reality at all.

San Jose, Costa Rica"


Your film on the illegal and criminal American war and occupation in Iraq is an embarassement to all the viewers who tuned in expecting some simple objectivity, not just more-of-the-same American corporate militarist propaganda. Frontline focused on the Jihadist movement yet the real story in Iraq is the brave Iraqi resistance to the brutal white-supremacist, Christian American and British occupation. The real story is that the racist American cowards are having their backsides handed to them by sandal-wearing Iraqi freedom-fighters and patriots. Why don't you show the blown-up Iraqi children and the dismembered Iraqi women who are the result of the Nazi-like American airwar? Remember, the only good American in Iraq is a dead American!


Information in the documentary here:

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On April 27th, 2006 05:37 pm (UTC), umm_khilafah commented:
This comment makes me laugh because I have never heard someone say it,

"There are simply too many of them."

them being Muslims lol.
On April 28th, 2006 05:20 pm (UTC), madamerahil replied:
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