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Tariq Ramadan Working for Blair in War Against Islam

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Taken from forum postings:

Previously, Hamza Hanson advisor to Bush in the War against Islam.

Now, Ramadan works for Blair in the fight against Islam......

"A Muslim scholar accused by critics of sympathising with violence has been appointed to a government taskforce attempting to root out Islamic extremism in Britain, the Guardian has learned."

The Guardian

Leaked government documents name the individuals and organisations supposedly "Islamic" they know they can count on to help in their war against Islam:

Hamza Yusuf
Tariq Ramadan
Suhaib Webb

"The Jews and Christians will never be happy with you ntil you follow their religion "

They are obviously not upset with these......

Download the leaked documents here http://www.timesonline.co.uk/newspaper/0,,176-1688261,00.html

Earlier in the week, there was talk of making the indoctrination of British Values at secondry schools compulsory as well as reviewing how Islam is taught at Universities - both obviouslt targetting Muslims.

They specified these included Freedom and Democracy, and it should be expected as Muslims refuse to integrate - despite all their efforts so far.

The pro-government Puppet Organisations and individuals were quickly brought onto the BBC News24 and Sky News to provide support. Tariq Ramadan openly supported this initiative on the BBC even claiming it did not go far enough while MCB and MPAC were adopting the usual approach, ie appearing to be critical but in reality, being critical of the way their plot is going to be executed which makes it apparent that this is targetting Muslims and proves the target is Islam.

So they instead end up providing "advice" to the government of doing the same thing in a subtle way which is more dangerous as they are more likely to succeed.

But then should we be surprised knowing that MCB, MPAC and Tariq Ramadan are UK government endorsed?
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